Održano takmičenje u dalekometnom streljaštvu pištoljem i revolverom

Long range pistol and revolver shooting competition held

On Sunday 09.04.2023.  long-range pistol and revolver shooting competition was held at the “Kanona” shooting range in Milanovo, organized by GT Shooting Club.

This type of competition is the only one organized so far in Europe.  Reactive metal targets were used at distances of 50m, 100m, 150m and 200m. The 50m and 100m targets were shot from a standing position, and the 150m and 200m targets were shot from a sitting position from the backrest.

25 shooters participated. In the pistol category, the first place was won by Vladislav Stamenković, the second place by Goran Milovanović, and the third place by Igor Todić.

In the revolver category, first place was won by Aco Polić, second place by Igor Todić, and third place by Aleš Žakelj. Aco Polić with the most points was declared the most successful shooter.

After the initial trepidation, it turned out that the pistol and revolver can hit targets at all distances. At the end of the competition, the shooters used the opportunity to repeat the shooting and prove that this type of competition can be held succesfully and requested a new meeting soon.

We are looking forward to a new shooting competition and long-range shooting with pistols and revolvers.

Tako a look how the competition went in the video: