GT Shooting Club

Streljacki klub GT
Streljacki klub GT Leskovac

GT Leskovac Shooting Club is established in 2003 and it is a symbol of shooting sport in the south of Serbia. With 3 sections and more than 30 members, the club engages in precision shooting, IPSC shooting and long-range shooting. The club also organises competitions in these disciplines. All activities are led by licenced instructors and coaches.

Streljacki klub GT Leskovac


Precision shooting, IPSC shooting and long-range shooting.


GT Shooting Club is licenced and equiped to hold tranings in safe handling of firearms for persons and companies.


Club members as well as all others can take up shooting in sport and recreational settings with all types of firearms that club has.


Within the GT Shooting Club operates gun repair and upgrade workshop, officially licenced by "Zastava oružje". We offer repair, upgrade and customization of all types of sport and hunting firearms, optical scope repair, as well as calibration, cleaning and regular maintenance of firearms.

Streljacki klub GT

Shooting range

“Slišane” shooting range which is in use by GT Shooting Club is multifunctional shooting range with its primary purpose being long-range shooting. This shooting range has shooting distances up to 1,800 metres (1.1 miles). All pistol and gun calibers can be used. Beside practice and competition shooting, this range is used for calibration, testing and balistic analysis of firearms and ammunition.

The shooting range is located 38 km from the city of Leskovac, Serbia, near Justiniana Prima UNESCO archaeological site, dating from VI century. Accomodation is available for all range visitors, with local trademark barbecue and home cooked food from Leskovac area.

GPS Coordinates of the shooting range: Latitude 42°57’27″N, Longitude 21°35’02″E. ( N-42. 96098;  E-21. 57926)

Gun repair and upgrade workshop

Within the GT Shooting Club operates a workshop for gun repair, upgrade and customization. The workshop is officialy licenced by “Zastava oružje”. We offer repairs and customization of all types of sport and hunting firearms.

Repair & upgrade

Sport, hunting, proffesional and log-range guns

Gun protection

Bluing, black chrome, white chrome, black nickel, gold and silver platings, nickel platings with corrosion protection

Gun calibration

With consulations and recommendations by expert gun mechanic

Optical scopes

Adjusting and replacement

Gun maintenance

Cleaning with professional equipment


Repair and custom-made wooden gunstocks